Pygmalion Review

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On April 10, the seventh and eighth grades of Klaipedos International School „Universa Via“ went to the Klaipeda Drama Theater to see the play Pygmalion.
The play was written by the master Bernard Shaw, directed by Paul Stebbings, and it performed by ADG Europe and TNT Theatre Britain.
They greatly enjoyed it. Martynas, 7 kl says: „ I really liked the first part on the streets.“, while his classmate, Caleb „ I found Eliza‘s change from flower girl to duchess really convincing and well done.”. In my opinion, I found it was a quite well-done play; it adapted the original for a smaller cast and added some excellent jokes (like Eliza’s hilarious backward bow). The director did an excellent job of making the necessary changes, without losing the deeper messages of the play.
In short, we think it is a perfect example of comedy, a funny play that teaches a lesson, that all humans are the same, and the only thing difference between a girl and a duchess is the difference in treatment. If you ever get a chance to see this play, take advantage of it, this play is worth it.
Caleb Harder, Seventh Grade student