Early education

Since 2.5 old children are welcomed at younger group

To the groups of early education are welcomed children who turn at least 2.5 until the 1st of September of running year.  Group includes up to 10 children. Children, who enter this group, are of different nationalities, so we pay lots of attention to the development of their communication skills and celebration of cultural diversity.  During the first half of the day communication and education goes in bi-lingual English — Lithuanian (Russian) environment.Educational process is oriented to the development of social, cognitive, communicative, artistic and self-help competences.

Since 4 years old children are welcomed at younger pre-school group

Educational activities are performed in English and Lithuanian languages. On basis of previously obtained experience children receives new knowledge, they develop their intellectual, physical, emotional and communicative skills; children are encouraged to build their self-esteem. Children have activities of dances, music, singing, art, kinesiotherapy, science and maths.

Purpose of early education in relationship with education of English language

and promotion of communication, cooperation skills and sensor –cognitive, motoric  skills. A significant part of the process of education is the development of communicative, social, artistic and cognitive competences.