IB: How we express ourselves

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For the last six weeks, our combined grades 1&2 class has been working on IB programme’s central idea- We can use poetry to express our feelings and emotions. Poetry is a way to understand how language and symbol systems work. It is a worthy expression of emotion or deep feelings. Students had a great opportunity to look at elements and different forms of poetry, and to discuss the reasons for creating poems. We read, analysed and even wrote our own poetry!

IB theme “Who we are?”.

n September and October Preschool group was working on IB theme “Who we are?”. Students drew themselves the way they are and did their own caricatures.
Preschool teachers were very happy that children’s parents helped their children to uncover by doing handcrafts at home.
As well we involved letters into the process of learning our feelings and emotions by writing letters on each other’s back.
From self-knowledge we moved to self-understanding IB theme “How we express ourselves?”.

Celebrated the end of 2017-2018 school year

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On May 22nd students, teachers, and parents celebrated the end of 2017-2018 school year. Students with high accomplishments were acknowledged and given certificates by the school principal. After long and intense rehearsals students wonderfully performed with songs and dances to their parents and to everyone who gathered there. A huge thank you to our teachers for their patience, positivity, and uplifting mood while preparing children for this concert!

“Delicious and Aromatic” lesson

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Last Friday (May 18th), our second graders had “Delicious and Aromatic” lesson, where children were expressing their creativity by making “Joyful Sandwiches” and “Sweet Salad”. Some children were patiently cutting fruit and berries for the salad, while others were friendly making sandwiches. Even though it was not luxurious dishes, just simple snacks, children really enjoyed the cooking process and were willing to cook the same thing at home for their parents. It is fun to cook, but it is even more fun to eat what you have made! Second graders were tasting the salad and sandwiches themselves, treating the teacher, and even inviting others to try the results of their hard work.

Future Einsteins

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At our school children of the first grade attend a special Science class, called “Little Inventors Club”. 6-7 year old ones with a big interest perfom various tests of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. They have chance to become little scientists!