About school

The beginning of school reaches 1995. School named ‘Litorina’ opened its door on 1st of September, 1995. In 2002 it changed it name to Basic School ‘Universa Via’. In 2004 school has established a pre-school department and Saturday School. Since July, 26, 2012 School has obtained status of PI International School ‘Universa Via’ of Klaipėda. It is a secondary school, which proceedseducational programmes of early, pre-school and primary education.

International School ‘Universa Via’ is an only educational institution at Klaipėda, which can offer great educational conditions for Lithuanian and foreign children, who had just arrived to the country. School proceeds bi-lingual educational programme, which includes English-Lithuanian and Lithuanian- English educational programme. At the present moment, there are 98 students from 2.5 to 11 years old from various countries: Norway, Germany, Great Britain etc. Pedagogues who work at school are known for their high qualification; they have long-term teaching experience and are graduates of various Lithuanian or foreign universities.  At the kindergarten our youngest students are not only educated, but obtain academic knowledge, which fits the standards that are confirmed by Ministry of Education and Science of Lithuania. The Private School and Private Kindergarten is maintained by parents, who pay for education of children; also, school receives a partial support from government.