After school activities

Together with other 9 countries, the community of school is participating at international project “COMENIUS: Inclusive Education: An Ally to European Identity” , which is promoted by European Union.

School is offering such after-school activities:


No one could ever draw as he once drew in childhood years — with infinite love and fantasy. During the activities children get acquainted with various materials and their properties. Children can create according to their own wish, fantasy,; they can think and compare different images, to define them, to change them etc.

Kengūriukas Via

The purpose of this activity is the development of logical and mathematical thinking in students; help them to find solutions and to predict certain results. In addition to this, this activity seeks to aid students, while reading and understanding mathematical texts and to discuss mathematical issues. Due to positive experience that follows activities, children get capable to find mathematical truths and to apply them in theoretical and practical ways.


Every touch of music increases lets children go beyond their scope and traditional boundaries. The purpose of this activity is the development of musical abilities of children. Children not only learn to sing, but take a significant part in musical life of school and city. They obtain lots of positive emotions, feel the sense of unity during the concerts; finally, they develop their aesthetic understanding.

English is fun

Languages open the door to world…Friendly environment, positive and entertaining atmosphere, initiative methods and satisfaction of practical and emotional needs of learners. The pedagogues with huge experience of participation at international projects help children to achieve great results and to start speak in English.


It is an activity for maths-lovers, who wants to get deep with maths as science, wisdom of life, way of thinking and to understand its essence.

Yamahos,  Baltic psaltery and piano lessons (according to individual schedule)

Musical education is a complicated psychological and artistic process. During this process child develops his musical abilities, present knowledge, skills of musical performance. Performing musical actions help to enrich the culture of feelings, artistic sense, aesthetic and moral positions of child.

Playing Yamaha, Baltic psaltery or piano helps to learn how to concentrate, develops fantasy, musical-analytical thinking, and coordination, and teaches beauty of silence and peace.


Chess is a great exercise for mind! Activity reveals the abilities of children, develops their will-power, strength and friendliness. During the activities children learns major principles of the game, get acquainted with theory; learn to think logically, to predict several steps in future. The most important — chess helps you to win against yourself

Basics of Yoga

Yoga it’s a funny and practical process of improvement of child’s health. All movements that are performed are combined with breathing so these exercises can help to relax and to take away the pressure. The exercises of yoga can relief and relax tensed muscles, helps to train joints. Children, who are able to perform exercises successfully are healthy and learn how to manage their emotions. These qualities are really useful at daily, changing life.

English Theatre for kids

‘English Theatre for Kids’ is an activity devoted to improvement, enrichment and enforcement of knowledge of English language. At the informal environment children get relaxed, they play, act, and develop their social and language skills.