Education of foreign children

School provides an opportunity of education of foreigner children. The educational process takes a part in a multi-cultural environment according to programme, which is approved in Lithuania and Europe. A great attention is paid to English language. Since 1999, school had educated Danish, Turkish, Vietnamese and Estonian children. At the present moment, Norwegian, German, American and Russian children are attending the school.

At the groups of early and pre-school education, teachers communicate with children in Lithuanian-English and Lithuanian- Russian languages. School employs highly-qualified teachers and does a substantial to the quality of education. Families chose our school for safe and comfortable environment, attention to child, opportunity to communicate in English and chance to get educated in the multi-cultured environment.

School proceed the programme of bi-lingual education: science is taught in two languages (Lithuanian and English) in all forms. There is a very small number of students in each class — up to 12; therefore, Teachers can individualise teaching material for each child according to his or her abilities.