Kaziukas Fair


Kaziukas Fair took a part on 4th and 5th of March. It was attended by everyone and all— little and big, young and old. This year our little merchants were smarter than ever before and spoiled visitors by incredible dainties and various hand-made goods. Visitors could buy collars, ornamentation, various crafts; they could taste still-hot waffle and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

It was a real market — someone sold, someone bought and someone gave for free…those, who praised their goods had many buyers, and those who stayed silent  — left with empty bags.

Reading contest

The 1st of March was greeted by reading contest ‘A bluish sky above my head…’ It was participated by pre-school children and students from 1st to 4th forms.

Congratulations to winners!

Maths in the other way

On 27th of February children from pre-school group and students from 1st to 4th forms were participating in Maths Olympiad ‘Maths in the other way’.

Congratulations to winners!