When Autumn is coming…

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Days are becoming shorter, weather is becoming chilly, and the sky is becoming more and more clouded over. Decorating trees with golden colors, Autumn came to the earth. Autumn was greeted cheerfully by all students including preschoolers.

students‘ representative council prepared the demonstration of an American computer-animated fantasy-comedy film “Shrek’s Adventure”. At the same time, our little ones put on their rubber boots and opened their umbrellas. They went outside to look at colorful autumn leaves. In case of rain, little ones will hide themselves under their umbrellas.

Thanks ,Autumn, for happy moments.

Trip was to Seaside Regional Park.


This year our first trip was to Seaside Regional Park. It was exciting for everyone from preschooler to fourth grader: we tackled puzzles about inhabitants of the sea and seaside; by our own hands we created a real dune; finally, we have learnt why the Baltic Sea is different from the rest of seas and oceans. After that, when we visited the only stony Lithuanian beach, it was clear that our nature is beautiful and great; yet sensitive and frail. So, now we promise to cherish and to protect it from any dangers.

In the land of poetry and drama


We love learning English. English is fun! Last week we had a presentation of the project “In the land of poetry and drama”. We played a play “The turnip”. We enjoyed very much!

Future teachers


This spring, at our school, the pedagogical practice was performed by students from Spain and Turkey.

Erhan Okmen
I am Erhan Okmen. I came from Turkey, I am from Mardin. This is my third course in Primary School Teacher Training. I have been studying in this field since 2010.

Hunkar Ucar
My name is Hunkar Ucar. I came from Sinop in Turkey. I have been studying in this field 2011. I’m studying Primary School Teaching.

My name is Paqui I am from Barcelona (Spain). I am studying teacher training education this is my last year and my speciality is arts and crafts.

My name is Veronica. I am from Barcelona (Spain) I am studying teacher training education this is my last year and my specialty is maths and languages.

Kaziukas Fair


Kaziukas Fair took a part on 4th and 5th of March. It was attended by everyone and all— little and big, young and old. This year our little merchants were smarter than ever before and spoiled visitors by incredible dainties and various hand-made goods. Visitors could buy collars, ornamentation, various crafts; they could taste still-hot waffle and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

It was a real market — someone sold, someone bought and someone gave for free…those, who praised their goods had many buyers, and those who stayed silent  — left with empty bags.