Pre-school education

To the groups of pre-school education are welcomed children, who turn 5 before the 1st of November.

Purpose of pre-school education — fostering the abilities and maturity students that allows successful development and socialisation of personality; also, adopting competences that are necessary for successful educational process at school and daily life. The education programme of pre-school groups is created in accordance to standards that are defined by Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania. At this group, children have activities of English, Lithuanian, maths, sciences, music, dance and Physical Education (PE).

Basically there could be distinguished six major directions of pre-school education:


listening, speaking, and obtaining basic skills of reading and writing;


obtaining skills of maths, science, development of critical and logical thinking;


line, colour, form and composition — alphabet of art; sound, rhythm, movement, mimic —basics of music and choreography;

word and intonation — basics of theatrical games;


adopting abilities to work at group, to communicate, to cooperate, to know one self and others;

learning to understand the meaning of rules that are applied in family, class (group);

understandingrights, duties and responsibilities for taking decisions and actions;

*Health security:

development of activeness, strength and endurance;

learning of physical charge in order to relieve emotional and mental stress, relaxation;

development of safe behaviour, personal hygiene, activeness and relaxation skills;

*English Language:

twice a week children listen for English language,  learn English songs and poems and tries to speak English.