Saturday school

Private kindergarten – Private school is inviting children aged 3-6 to our Saturday school, which successfully works since 1998. At school children are taught by long-term experienced teachers of primary school. Year by year, warm and sincere communication with children, interesting and artistic presentation of educational material and nice results in the end of the year, receives an increasing interest among children and their parents.

Activities take a part in the environment of kindergarten and pre-school classes. Studying year starts on the second Saturday of September and runs until the end of June. Children are divided into groups according to their age, no larger than 11 children at each group.

Educational programmes according to age of children:

  • Petite group (children aged 3-4);
  • Middle group (children aged 4-5);
  • Group preparing to school (children aged 5-6).

Time of activities: 10 am – 1 pm.

  • Communicative activities (English language, basics of reading and writing);
  • Cognitive activities ( computer mathematics, basics of counting, exercises of logical thinking);
  • Development of social skills (games, communication and cooperation).